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Digital forensics and the Presidential race Digital forensics and the Presidential race

Digital forensics and the Presidential race

As mentioned in previous blog posts, the impact of digital forensics on society in recent years cannot be understated. Perhaps the far-reaching implications of digital forensics have never been more evident than in the several days leading up to the 2016 presidential election. As a Company that provides digital forensics, e-Discovery, and data recovery services, Digital Forensic Corporation knows firsthand the process and procedures that are currently being used by the FBI to retrieve, investigate, and report on deleted information.

Of course, I’m referring to the storyline more befitting a James Bond movie than a presidential election, in which while investigating the computer belonging to former congressman Anthony Weiner for information relating to his sexting scandal, federal agents uncovered emails belonging to his now ex-wife (Huma Abedin) who just happens to be a top aide to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The emails will be reviewed by the same counterintelligence team and forensic experts that handled the original Clinton email investigation beginning in 2014. The emails will be reviewed to determine whether classified information was mishandled which may sway undecided voters away from Hillary Clinton.

Although not quite rising to the level of impacting a presidential election, Digital Forensics Corporation has provided such services to clients ranging from law firms to private investigators through the years. To address these scenarios, Digital Forensics Corporation has developed a methodical approach to ensure that the specific task is completed efficiently and competently. A summary of our process will shed some light onto what is likely currently occurring at the government level investigation.

Summary of our process

Legal Evidence Corporation has found that conducting a thorough initial consultation with our Client is absolutely key towards achieving the objective and also managing a client’s expectations with regards to what we can and cannot do. For example, our Company will not engage in illegal or prohibited activity. Or perhaps a client is unsure of how best to approach his or her particular matter and our Company can assist in identifying what exactly they seek to achieve. Client is also informed during the initial consultation that they are liable and may face fines for deletion (whether or not it was inadvertent) of information from their digital device.

Further, depending on the nature of client’s matter, our Company will then engage in data recovery, digital forensic, cyber security, or litigation support services (this list is not exhaustive). Relevant to the Clinton investigation is data recovery which is the process of extracting, recovering, and salvaging, lost or inaccessible data and digital information from failed or deleted devices. The next step may be to conduct a digital forensic examination of the evidence obtained and provide a reporting of the findings. Our Company utilizes a two-phase procedure to first determine what data is relevant, evaluate patterns in the data, and then provide this information in a detailed report to the Client in a manner that is understandable to them.

In order to ensure that any matter is handled appropriately and would hold up in a Court of law, Our Company has measures in place to limit the access to the electronically stored information (ESI) obtained from our Client. Every technician and forensic examiner who handles the digital device and evidence contained therein or anyone responsible for producing a report concerning the investigation, meticulously documents their every action when working with the devices and data involved in the case so as to establish a chain of custody.

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