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  • Win child custody or visitation
  • Shed light on dangerous or illegal behavior
  • Challenge spousal credibility or competence
  • Document improved behavior or compliance
  • Gain leverage with potentially embarrassing information

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What sets us apart

We specialize in locating and reporting on evidence to support your child custody case.

Attorneys depend on solid evidence to file and settle cases

Help your attorney mount a winning case by identifying crucial digital evidence. Court proceedings and settlement negotiations turn on the quality of evidence each side presents. From deleted data to internet investigations, Digital Investigation can supply the evidence you need to gain custody or access to your children.

Challenge credibility and character

Digital evidence can be used to challenge a person’s judgement or credibility, or to confirm that a parent has been compliant or has improved behavior to recover parental rights.

Evidence That Can Be Used In Court

There is nothing more important than your relationship with your children. When it comes to influencing judges, magistrates, arbitrators or a guardian ad litem, digital evidence can be your strongest ally to ensure that your children remain in your life are are properly protected.

Whether the issue is parental judgement, moral character or truthfulness, recorded artifacts such as browsing history, GPS locations, stored photos or deleted text messages can confirm patterns of behavior. For example, evidence can confirm compliance with court orders or proper parental behavior. In other cases, the evidence may indicate poor judgement, recklessness or even criminal activity.

Evidence of private daily activity can speak volumes about a person’s moral character or credibility. specializes in identifying evidence that can reveal character — from inappropriate images on cell phones to online posts and more. In many cases, such evidence can lead to a quick settlement long before a case goes to court.

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  • "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Columbus, Ohio"

    Reviewed on May 26 2018

    Highly recommend this service. Their professionalism was exceptional and took the necessary time to explain. Best service I have found. Thank You....

    Authenticated Columbus, OH

    "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Columbus, "

    Reviewed on Jan 7 2020

    Very very happy with the outcome of the report. Your phase 1 analysis was right on point....

    Authenticated Columbus, GA
  • "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Columbus, "

    Reviewed on Jan 13 2020

    I got instant help when I rang Legal Evidence Corp and requested help in tracing the owner of a vehicle with a certain license plate number, who had been hovering suspiciously in front of our home. Appreciate the help....

    Authenticated Columbus, GA

    "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Columbus, "

    Reviewed on Jan 28 2020

    Legal Evidence Corp was able to determine user movement and communication content that took place for the Intellectual Property theft that had occurred within our organization. They provided information as to how the data was transferred.Thanks, Legal Evidence Corp....

    Authenticated Columbus, GA