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  • Win child custody or visitation
  • Shed light on dangerous or illegal behavior
  • Challenge spousal credibility or competence
  • Document improved behavior or compliance
  • Gain leverage with potentially embarrassing information

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  • "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Milwaukee, "

    Reviewed on Feb 14 2020

    I got pulled over and the cop was clearly not following the legal procedures he should have. He claimed I was speeding, and then told me to step out of the car so he can search it. At this time, my friend in the back started recording. I refused, and he proceeded to threaten me with arrest if I didn’t comply. Once he heard my friend was recording, he wrote me a ticket and left. To better improve the sound quality of the recording, I contacted c...

    Authenticated Milwaukee, WI

    "Best E-Discovery and Computer Forensics Services in Madison, "

    Reviewed on Jan 27 2020

    We need a proof for a court case, legal evidence corp got what we needed...

    Authenticated Madison, WI