Settle Cases Faster by Identifying Crucial Evidence with ESI Forensics

Today’s legal cases will invariably involve electronically stored information (ESI) and it is prudent to address this area at the commencement of any litigation.

It is estimated that 95% of civil court cases are settled out-of-court and that seems to benefit almost everyone. Prolonged litigation is often more expensive than the ultimate award, so settling avoids the possibility of an aberrant judgement being handed down to your disdain.

A well-conducted ESI investigation will result in:

  • Faster settlements
  • Adherence to Guidelines

Settle Early

Locating and identifying crucial ESI that is favorable to your side will more often than not convince the opposing side to settle early and in your favor. Legal Evidence Corporation is eminently qualified to assist attorneys during each phase of litigation.

In many instances our expertise is also called upon just prior to trial, and our advisory services at that time are invaluable. Our experienced team of investigators are often able to cull information from sources which were previously missed.

The Court Guidelines

It is not only prudent to involve a thorough ESI investigation in a pertinent legal case, court guidelines often include specific directives, such as: “The purpose of these guidelines is to facilitate the just, speedy, and inexpensive resolution of disputes involving ESI, and to promote, whenever possible, the resolution of disputes regarding the discovery of ESI without court intervention. Parties should consider the proportionality principle inherent within the Federal Rules in using these guidelines.” (U.S. District Court – Kansas)

Being prepared from the start of legal proceedings, through discovery, depositions, hold motions, and trial is where Legal Evidence Corporation can help attorneys in any type of case.

Our Expertise

Legal Evidence Corporation is a full-service partner with attorneys from coast-to-coast. Our services include the actual physical handling and examination of devices as per court-directed mandates and scientifically accepted protocol. All investigations are done by certified technicians in our laboratory and evidence is securely recorded and stored.

Our advisory services include a vast archives of pleadings and motions as well as one-on-one advisory capabilities during discovery, pre-trial, and post-trial phases of any litigation, civil or criminal.

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