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Settle Cases Faster By Identifying Crucial Evidence With ESI Forensics
It is estimated that 95% of civil court cases are settled out-of-court and that seems to benefit almost everyone. Prolonged litigation is often more expensive than the ultimate award, so settling avoids the possibility of an aberrant judgement being handed down to your disdain.

Today’s legal cases will invariably involve electronically stored information (ESI) and it is prudent to address this area at the commencement of any litigation.
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Most cases contain crucial digital evidence. We can help find it
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If you are involved in a legal case where digital, electronically stored information may be pertinent to extracting the truth, trust the experts at Legal Evidence Corporation. Your case will be handled with complete confidentiality.

Legal Evidence Corporation is the nation’s leading provider of technical and advisory services related to ESI. We work with clients who include business executives, attorneys, and other professionals involved in litigation where electronically stored information is an integral component of their case.

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Legal Evidence Corp is dedicated to providing local, safe and secure service, without the risk of shipping confidential information across the country.

We have invested in industry-leading technology and infrastructure to ensure confidential client information is processed and stored locally, right in your own backyard.

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